What does Double Rooted Culture Represent?

Double Rooted Culture is about taking our different roots that define us and putting those roots together as one to grow above the madness. Sort of like the rose that grew from the concrete. It is the expression to be proud of ourselves. Double Rooted Culture means to love ourselves, love our culture and embrace our roots. We must be able to embrace where we came from. We all have two sides of ourselves; So, take those two roots and combine them together. That is where you will get the passion and understanding of yourself and the people. Once you understand yourself, you will gain passion, faith, belief, and your dreams will grow, and you will be able to provide that same energy to others. Double Rooted Culture was founded on Unity and Solidarity. Connecting the brand with the people is the only goal that we want to accomplish.

Double Rooted Culture is about staying down and going against the odds.

Be you.

Love yourself.

Inspire Somebody.

What do the O’s mean? The O’s are the heart and soul of the brand. This is where we gain the concept. Always stick to the codes, principles, morals, and values. Double Rooted Culture means to stay true to yourself and to never sell your soul. No matter where you are at in the world and what is around you, you can always make it. If you want to be free and have pride in your culture, look to Double Rooted Culture. That is where the love resides.

Spoken by Maurice The Great

Founder of Double Rooted Culture